18 December 2016

I wanna be sixteen till I die !

Courtsey : Internet

I will be with you 
till the  life bids goodbye,
Hey listen ! I wanna be
 sixteen till I die !

The rendezvous, 
Where I first met you,
Still has the fragrance 
Of the silky you .

My  stark blue eyes, 
The way they shy,
You throb in me,
Can you tell me why ? 

My body as such 
Aches for  your lusty touch.
The curvy me ,
wants you so much !

I wanna be your lark,
Just say stop, O' hark 
I wanna all of you 
In  a night so dark .

Come on kiss me baby, 
Come on love me baby ,
Just hold me  baby, don't be shy 
'Cuz I just wanna be sixteen till I die